Percussionst | Multi-instrumentalist | Maker | Teacher

MC Kassett - Strand


The beauty of percussion is that it has no limits; literally every object can be a potential percussion instrument so in this way the discovery of new sounds, timbres, objects and also newly developed instruments create a freedom as well as inspiration for me as a player. Percussion is more a huge family of instruments than a specific instrument and this makes playing it a never ending journey of discovery.

Multi – instrumentalist

Starting a musical idea gets completely influenced by what instrument you’re playing, so I’m always looking for new instruments to learn, new combinations of sound & expression and the unique sound of a particular instrument then gives it’s own direction to the music.


From an early age I was mostly creating something new together with a small group, messing around and finding out stuff together. Over the years there have been many projects and musical adventures but the main returning thing is this urge to make new music and art together.
Right now we are working on several new albums, with ORBI, Twitching eye Trio & Oukje den Hollander, exiting projects with mostly our own music.


Teaching is a fascinating journey with many levels to it. At the Conservatory of Amsterdam I’m working on teaching students how to play but also how to teach. Teaching teachers gives a extra level of depth to the musical experience and always makes me evaluate my own teaching.